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A Unique Solution

We care about families, so we came up with the ideal way for you to protect yours. Red Box Services is our unique way of providing legal services. Red Box Services is a complete solution for your estate planning needs in a flat fee package. 

Unlike any other firm, our Red Box Services includes the funding of your living trust as well as unlimited attorney consultation and amendments! The Red Box is the package that holds your total solution and comes with our guarantee of extraordinary quality, care and expertise. 

Red Box Services is born from over two decades of experience dealing with problematic estate plans after it is too late. Red Box Services solves these common estate planning pitfalls that make other plans fail:


Pitfall #1: The estate plan does not properly reflect your true wishes.


Our Solution: Your true wishes are the heart and soul of your estate plan. Our Red Box Services ensures your true intentions are communicated to us and understood by us because you have unlimited attorney conference time. You can chat with us without worrying about the clock running and your fees increasing. This gives you the freedom to ask every question (and we listen), discuss every thought, and be comfortable with every decision you make. We then triple-check your wishes during our unique process using our Estate Plan Design Summary before we draft your plan. With a flat fee, we have the ability to give you the attention, responsiveness, and amazing service you deserve.


Pitfall #2: The estate plan does not avoid probate.

Our Solution: Estate plans commonly fail because current assets were not properly (or completely) funded or transferred into the trust. Other attorneys leave this step up to you with only written instructions as an after-thought—which usually means trouble for those whose lives are busy or whose assets will change over their lifetime. We transfer all your real property and provide a verbal and written game plan for transferring assets and updating your designated beneficiaries. With our Red Box Services Plus+, we take charge to help you transfer and track all your assets. Probate is not an option for our clients.


Pitfall #3: The estate plan has not adapted to changes in your life or the law.

Our Solution: If your wishes, personal and financial circumstances, or the law has changed, and your plan has not, there is a high risk that your plan may fail when you need it most (upon incapacity or when you pass away). We provide an easy way to update your Addendum to your trust. We also develop a meaningful and lasting relationship with you in order for you to easily keep in touch with us. Our Red Box Services Plus+ solves this problem through the continuing care of your estate plan, including a check-up meeting, updates, and more.

  • A Unique Solution

  • Flat Fee Options

    • Mini Red Box​ Services

    • Red Box Services Plus+


Flat Fee Packages - 2 Options

When you are just starting fresh, we have a plan that fits your needs. Choose from Mini Red Box Services (our most popular comprehensive plan) or Red Box Services Plus+.

Basic estate planning usually includes:

  • Advice and education for planning for incapacity, death and taxes

  • Guidance for choosing guardians, trustees and other important persons

  • Design and drafting of your estate plan, including a:

    • Living Trust Agreement

    • Pourover Will

    • Guardian Nomination

    • Durable Power of Attorney

    • Advance Health Care Directive

    • HIPAA Authorization

    • Assignment of Personal Property

    • Personal Property Memorandum

    • Certification of Trust


Mini Red Box Services is our total solution that includes basic estate planning and*:​

  • Extraordinary Personal Care and Service

  • No-nonsense flat fee billing for all time and expenses, including recording and notary fees

  • Unlimited attorney consultation while creating your estate plan

  • Estate Plan Design Summary process (exclusive to our firm)

  • Transfer of all your real property and personal property to your trust

  • Unlimited basic amendments to your estate plan for one year

  • Addendum process (for adding future assets to your trust schedule on your own)

  • Free needs assessment for aging parents and adult children

Red Box Services Plus+ is our enhanced solution that includes everything above plus*:

  • Creation of a Funding for Success Plan (a plan of action for transferring assets to your trust) and Asset Tracker (the go-to source for your estate’s financial information)

  • Proactive funding assistance (completion of transfer forms and beneficiary forms)

  • One additional year of unlimited attorney consultation regarding your estate plan​

  • Proactive re-execution of your Power of Attorney and Advance Health Care Directive (after two years) to prevent any issues of them being considered "stale"

  • Estate Planning and Funding Check-up Meeting (at the end of the two-year period)

  • NOTE: We only take a select number of clients for this level of service. These are typically our elderly clients who need extraordinary hand-holding when it comes to organizing their scattered financial information, completing forms, and communicating with financial institutions and other professionals. (This service is intended to relieve the burden placed on adult children whom would otherwise be tasked with the funding process.)


* Please see your engagement letter to see what is included in your Red Box.

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